Coffee & Cigarettes.

Every single person in this world has their lifeline.  There's a specific reason why we get out of bed each day, but what is it?  I'm sure a lot of you can relate to snoozing the alarm twenty times and praying your boss would text you saying "You don't have to come in today," before... Continue Reading →


Twin Flame

The term "twin flame" has been used for centuries, if you have never heard of a twin flame, others refer to it as a soul-mate.  Most of us think of us as a companion ie a friend or partner but its actually so much more than what you could comprehend.  You don't have to just... Continue Reading →

Vroom Vroom

How many children dream of becoming a racecar driver?  And how many children ACTUALLY become a racecar driver?  Sorry to burst your bubble kids but probably not many.  I love cars, and I love women who love cars.  The first car I ever drove was my Father's Hyundai shitbox (no offence to Hyundai, it was... Continue Reading →

Snapchat.. Or Snapwack?

Everybody knows of our little ghost friend. He makes people and he breaks people. He shows everybody where you are (just for you stalkers).  Not to mention, one of the most popular apps in the 21st century has become a necessity to our lives. There hasn't been a day since its release where I haven't... Continue Reading →


Majority of the world is either currently sitting at a desk or doing some sort of labour to make a profit.  Me? I'm spending the start of my week blasting Biggie Smalls and procrastinating against my responsibilities.  Some things in life are difficult, some are easy.  I don't want to work for anybody, in truth... Continue Reading →

Heaven vs Hell

Since the first day known to man-kind, there has always been controversy where you go when you taste death.  Quite frankly, I don't care.  I don't follow the bible and I certainly don't believe there is a "Hell," so my opinion on this topic is usually related to as unique, strange and oftenly a bit... Continue Reading →

Aliens – Are They Here?

I waiting in the McDonald's line-up yesterday afternoon and something didn't feel quite right.  I mean, the store was busy but there was nobody in there and the drive-thru was clear - everything was moving so quickly (I must add, I was 100% sober at the time).  Although there were only a few patrons waiting... Continue Reading →


Hi - thought I might give this blogging thing ago to pass some time.  It's not easy being a 19 year old growing up in the huge world as an independent - I've never really had to do anything myself but at the start of 2017, I had to pull my finger from my bum... Continue Reading →

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